Thursday, August 9, 2012

He is capable of smiling

This little guy loves to smile at me and talk and give me lots of love. But then I get out my camera or phone and the expression changes to a scowl. He's all Get that giant camera out of my face woman! You think I'm gonna smile at your phone instead? Think again. Then you can post it to Facebook way quicker. I wasn't born yesterday you know. I was born 6 weeks ago and in that time I've learned a few tricks. Ha!

So the pictures that I end up with are of him all serious, with raised eyebrows and sometimes even a scowl. Maybe he's still angry that our landlord said he looks like a monkey, and he didn't say it in a nice way either. Or maybe he's mad because I don't hold him for the duration of every nap he takes, which is his preference. Sorry dude but I have to pee or eat or brush Alana's hair for school. I'd probably hold you for longer if I could, but you're all sweaty and I'm hungry.

This morning though I actually caught one quick flicker of a smile. It was preceded by many scowls, but then he was overcome with the joy of having scowled in so many of my picture attempts and allowed himself one smile. Jokes on you dude, I have a camera that has pretty quick shutter speed, so I don't miss pictures very often.

First he scowled.

 Then he faltered. There was a small baby smile.
Then he quickly realized his mistake.

He may be scarred for life.


Mandy said...

Haha, I love this post. He is adorable. My almost 3 year old (gulp) is the king of scowl-y faced pictures. So, it never goes away. ;)

Awyn said...

i think the 3rd pic is my favorite :) he's so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! He enjoys scowling, its his hobby. That and eating.

Amy and Luke said...

sooo cute! I can't wait another 12 weeks to have a cuddly 6 week old again!


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