Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bottled Up (Beware of too much breastfeeding information)

My kids have all been breastfed. Aside from all of the health benefits and such, its free and that appeals to me above all else. I'm fine with nursing. I really am. But neither of the girls ever took a bottle. Ever.

With Alana we followed the advice of some stupid book that said not to give them a bottle till 6 weeks because they would prefer it over nursing. The opposite happened. She would not even consider the bottle. No matter what it contained.

With Ava we never really tried that hard to get her to take a bottle. I kind of gave up without really making an effort. I refuse to pay money for formula and the breastpump that I had was a piece of crap. So she nursed for forever. Way longer than I wanted her to, that's for sure.

Witten just might be a different story. I still refuse to buy formula, although I have a free sample can unopened from my doctor's office. But I have a better breastpump, although its a manual one it works 100 times better than my old electric one. Prior to today David attempted to give Witten a bottle on one occasion, when Witten wasn't really hungry. He mostly just played with it.

I've accumulated a little bit of milk in the freezer, but haven't bothered to use it. Cause hello, I have it on tap. But today I decided to just try my hand at getting him to take a bottle. He takes a pacifier, so its not like he spits everything out. And the girls never took a pacifier. They were not big fans of them.

I was actually surprised when he willingly drank the whole 2 ounces from a bottle. Who knew? He is already 5 weeks old so its not like he hasn't gotten used to nursing. He's just a little more willing to try new things than his sisters were.

I really wanted him to take a bottle, even though I have no intention of leaving him with anyone for at least 6 months. I still refuse to buy formula, but I'm okay with pumping if I have to. Remember that its free.

Breastfeeding is still my number one pick. I like that I never have to wash bottles, or fix bottles in the middle of the night, or carry formula wherever I go. And I have one hand free while he is nursing, so I can use the remote and/or my phone to keep myself awake in the middle of the night. When I gave him a bottle it took both hands, which was annoying. Next time I'm handing him off to David, cause the whole point is for me to get to skip feeding him one time so I can brush Alana's hair in the morning before she goes to school. I swear he picks that exact time to cry and want to be picked up every morning.

I'm not looking to wean him, he's still little. I'm just not interested in nursing a toddler again like I ended up doing with both girls. I'm done nursing kids that can walk.

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