Sunday, July 22, 2012


Not only is this lady going to kindergarten on Thursday, she is in some kind of hurry to grow up. Last night she lost her first tooth. It was loose for awhile and she had been wiggling it all day. Right before bed she got up to look at it in the mirror, pulled on it just a little, and within a couple of seconds she was minus one tooth. Now I'm sad and the tooth fairy chapter in my life has officially begun. She left her tooth in an envelope and woke up $1 richer. One tooth down, many more to go.

Earlier yesterday when her tooth was extra wiggly. And I know there is something stuck in her teeth, but I don't know what it is. Its one of life's mysteries.

She wrote this herself, I just told her what letters to write. It contains one tiny baby tooth.

Can we just talk about her insane amount of hair for a minute? She is losing teeth and gaining hair. Wild, uncontrollable hair that just gets crazier with the humidity.

My ladies are growing up too fast.

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