Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There are some things that we have, baby product wise, that I do not want to live without.

We live in a small house so we don't have a full size crib set up, we don't even own one. We have a pack and play, but I have yet to use it. We'll save that for when he is bigger. For now though, we'll stick to the bunny bouncer seat. Its portable and cute and it vibrates. Also: he loves it.

When it comes to entertaining a little baby, or just setting them down for a minute so you can go pee, sometimes the floor is the best place. That's why I love playmats. He's not even old enough to really appreciate the toys dangling over his head, so I took most of them off. He does appreciate when his sisters get off of him for a few minutes so he can have some man time with his lion playmat friend. And he stares down the bug toy dangling from the playmat like its nobody's business. What's your deal musical bug toy? Why you gotta be playing that annoying song all the time? Back off bug toy.
None of my kids have been big when it comes to pacifiers, and so far he has been sporadic with it at best. At the hospital he loved it. At home he is not as enthusiastic. But whenever we go somewhere he likes it again. He's a man so he can't make up his mind.

Without a baby to use these things I wouldn't need any of them. So the most important thing here is the little guy who is determined to pee on all of his clothes and sleep on my chest as much as possible. He's putting in a pretty good effort so far, especially for being 3 weeks old.

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