Monday, June 4, 2012

I Have Other Children

I'm sure incessant thoughts/talking/wondering about my pregnancy has left my other kids off of my blog in the extreme frequency that they sometimes occupy it. But in reality no one is more excited to have a new baby than my girls. They both are seriously obsessed with babies.

Alana was excited when Ava was born, but Ava's newness has worn off and she is ready for someone else to dote on. Ava is just excited that she gets to be the big sister and hold a baby. She talks to my belly in a voice so high pitched its possible that sometimes only dogs can hear her. The higher the pitch the more excited the 2 year old. Its just science.

But there are things about them that I want to remember. They are growing quickly, cause that is how it works. Blink your eyes and they're almost in kindergarten.

Speaking of kindergarten, Alana will be starting it in less than 2 months. School starts crazy early here. She will get a new brother, then like a month later will go to school. Summer 2012 is full of change for my big girl. There is so much about her at this age that I want to remember.

She wants to be everyone's friend, even if that someone is a kind of mean little girl at the city pool who told her there was no singing allowed and I then had the urge to slap. She has crazy wild dark hair that is now halfway down her back and combing it can be quite a task, she loves food themed earrings and sundresses and sandals, she will wear a dress everyday of the week when its warm, I have to make her wear shorts sometimes so everyone doesn't see her underwear. She is now tall enough to stand in the shallow end of the pool, which she is super excited about. She is really eager to learn and is obsessed with the activity section of coloring books. She asks me to read the instructions to her then she fills out the answers with only a little help, mostly in the form of me telling her what letter to write. She also claims to have Mighty Math Powers thanks to the Team Umizoomi app on my phone. Its a more productive use of her time than Plants vs Zombies.

She must be growing right now because she is hungry all. the. time. She has a weird cross of mine and David's eating habits. Like David her favorite dinner is biscuits and gravy and she doesn't have too big of a sweet tooth, but when she likes a sweet food she really likes it. She likes oatmeal cookies minus the chocolate chips which leaves me wondering if she was switched at birth, Hershey's Cookies & Cream bars, and Otter Pops. Most everything else she can live without, which is crazy to me. Like me she will eat any fruit or vegetable, and most of the time her snacks consist of fruit. She will go to the fridge and get out a bowl of grapes, which is definitely the opposite of Ava the carb-a-holic.

Alana really is the sweetest and friendliest girl. She says hi to everyone at the grocery store and tells anyone who will listen all about herself and the impending arrival of her new brother. She will sing with no inhibitions, even if she's not singing the right words. Example: Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song", Alana's lyrics: Turn the TV on, throw my ham in my pants; ACTUAL lyrics: Turn the TV on, throw my hand in my pants. Really its probably better that she gets that one confused, no questions about why he is putting his hand in his pants. I love my oldest lady and she gives me lots of hugs to show her love too. I'm gonna be sad when she abandons me to go to school.

This little trouble maker is also pretty sweet, but she can be a little moody. Don't look at me, she clearly got that from David. She loves playing with her big sister, but I know sometimes Alana is just humoring her and waiting for the chance to change the game to one of her preference. Ava is beyond excited to have a baby brother, but says she is gonna miss Alana when she's at school. I think she'll change her mind when she gets to be in charge of the television programming all day, instead of this overrated compromising thing. She sometimes shares things well, but other times she puts on her mad face and sharing clearly isn't being considered. But then she loses interest or forgets and thoughts of total toy domination vanish.

Its crazy how suddenly she started talking all kinds. One day there is nothing, the next there is complete sentences and expressions that she appears to be making up. She has been talking for awhile, but didn't start doing it around other people until recently. She will tell you all about the various Peter Pan themed movies/shows that she and Alana love to watch, all about how she is now Geo from Umizoomi, about her new baby brother, about her preference to not wear underwear or bottoms most of the time, about her love of cookies, pretty much about everything that she is interested in.

She is completely potty trained, she'll even get up in the middle of the night if she has to pee. The only catch is she doesn't like to use a full sized toilet if it doesn't have the little pad thing that keeps her butt from falling through. So she doesn't use other people's toilets. She will hold it for like 6 hours rather than sit on a big toilet. This has only led to 2 accidents in the past 6 months, so whatever. At some point she will have to suck it up and use a big toilet. That day just hasn't come yet.

Ava got my sweet tooth, but fruit isn't really considered in there with the cookies and pancakes. She is a lover of carbs, preferring macaroni to most other foods. I'm not a big fan of her eating gross macaroni all the time, I wish she'd eat some type of produce, but she is 2 and more stubborn than can be imagined.

All stubborn tendencies and bratty lady actions aside, she is one sweet and squishy lady. She got taller recently, so now she has switched over to size 3 clothes because the size 2 ones were too short. She is only 2 months away from being 3 so I guess that was inevitable. She is the opposite of Alana when it comes to clothes. She shares the love of food themed earrings, she's wearing some popsicles right now, but most days she is either naked or wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Her Rapunzel and My Little Pony shirts are both worn frequently, and she shows her fashionista side by matching her underwear to her shirt. Rapunzel shirts must be worn with Rapunzel underwear, that's a rule.

Ava has grown up so quickly lately that its surreal. It feels like she was just my little good natured baby that was just the length of one couch cushion, now she is a full-fledged little girl who has many many opinions and talks in complete sentences. She gives me and my belly lots of hugs and is sure to make sure everyone knows that she loves them, telling them many times a day. That did lose some of its value when she said it to a cashier at Walmart, but maybe she was just feeling really generous that day. She is such a big girl now and I only have 2 more years of her at home before she also abandons me to go to kindergarten. Traitors.

Both of my girls are so sweet but so silly, and they know when they can get away with being bratty. They are developing their postponing bedtime skills, usually with a hunger pain that strikes at 7:59 PM and involves the intense need for a bowl of cereal. This hunger pain only comes after I say its time for bed and have brushed their teeth. I have started offering food 30 minutes prior to this, so joke is on them. They also both love coloring, then also love not picking up the markers. That is just as fun as the coloring, till mommy gets mad cause she can't get off the floor after picking up markers. Both girls love to watch Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Peter Pan, and Return to Neverland. Captain Hook is always just around the corner at our house, you have to watch out! They both want to play on my phone all the time, stupid educational apps. I have to referee plenty of fights between them over dumb things, but 5 minutes later they are best friends again. And I also have to make sure to comb both of their wild dark hair before we go anywhere, or else they appear homeless no matter how clean and nicely dressed they are.

Life with 2 kids who are potty trained and sleep through the night is pretty laidback, so I'm not eager for that to change. My girls mean everything to me and I'm lucky to have them. They are crazy and wild and sweet and can get just as dirty as a boy, but at the end of the day they still want me to paint their nails and braid their hair. And play Barbies. It always comes back to Barbies.

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