Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Farewell Sleep

Under normal circumstances in my house I sleep till 8 am. Every single day. We all do. I can't lie and say I like to get up early, because I don't. I'm not completely opposed to it, but given the choice I pick sleeping in. I'd sleep later if I could. Both of my kids are late sleepers too, but they got that way gradually around age 2.

As of today I am 37 weeks pregnant. The arrival of a little alarm clock is imminent. Not only that but 6 weeks from tomorrow Alana goes to kindergarten. My days of sleeping till at least 8 am are numbered. That number gets smaller by the day.

I will miss it, this whole sleeping in thing. It will never be the same. Even on weekends I will have a baby waking me up. Ava is the only one who will probably still sleep as long as she wants to. Alana will get up for school and I will get up with her.

Getting up early isn't exactly the biggest change our family has in store for us right now, since kindergarten and a baby are kind of a big deal. But its how those things are going to impact us. Days like today, where even though we went to the grocery store so we weren't total couch potatoes, are probably going to be fewer. Right now Ava is naked, the couch cushions are all on the floor cause that is totally awesome and fun and annoys Mommy which gives it bonus awesome points, and the girls are watching a Nickelodeon Christmas DVD. Not a lot of structure. We have a routine, but it revolves more around eating at general times and eventually sometimes putting clothes on. Alana gets dressed everyday, but Ava prefers nudity and I prefer pajama pants. Right now hair brushing isn't a priority and makeup is unnecessary.

Everyone is getting ready to start their life outside the womb or in the classroom. Ava is just along for the ride, waiting to hold her brother and gain total television domination while Alana is in school. Ava is probably in for the biggest change since she is losing her fulltime playmate and gaining someone she can boss around who probably won't listen to her.

I can't say I won't miss sleeping in, cause that would be a lie. If you ask any parent what they wish they had more of its probably sleep. And money. We could all probably use some more of both of those. I'd sacrifice the sleep for the money probably. Ask me again in 2 months when I'm getting up before 7 am to change diapers and brush Alana's hair and send my first born precious lady off into the world everyday and then cry because I miss her. And I'm sleep deprived. My answer might have changed.

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