Sunday, May 6, 2012

Surprise Double Feature

Yesterday we all went to the movies, but split in half. Alana and David went to see the Avengers, Ava and I went to see Pirates Band of Misfits. Tickets were bought, popcorn and large amounts of Icees were consumed. This part was expected. What David wasn't expecting was the large amount of time you must invest taking a five year old to the bathroom. Like missing half of your movie amount of time.

After a couple of trips while he waited for Alana to do her business he had missed about half of his movie. So he decided to throw in the towel. Ava and I were pretty much done, and by that I mean she was asleep and I was watching the movie by myself, so we left the theater.

Understatement of the year: David was disappointed that he didn't get to see his movie.

So today, to make up for time lost waiting for Alana to pee out the 32 ounce Icee she drank, David and I went back to the movies. To see the Avengers, a movie that I was purposely trying to avoid seeing by watching a cartoon about pirates.

The movie was long, but at least when we left he was happy. The 13 year old that lives inside of my husband and probably every grown man who loves video games and super hero movies was beyond happy. And I ended my weekend with Dairy Queen, having seen 2 movies. At least I got Dairy Queen.

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