Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sometimes I find the weirdest things around my house. I know that they are the work of two little ladies. Without those ladies things wouldn't be quite as interesting here.
It wasn't me, it was the one armed princess.
These flowers are from a broken lei, they are now scattered around even though I said to throw them away.
This must have been one wild party.
I hope frog legs aren't on the menu tonight, I love that Kermit too much to eat him.
Deep in the hundred acre wood...
More flowers
Clearly this car needs a backseat so Chang can pick up more chicks.
Alana carries these around in her purse. I'm unsure why, but they may serve a purpose someday. Not pictured: various Disneyland tickets and a hotel room keycard from Best Western Anaheim.
A delicious sandwich. The secret ingredient is putting real food in with the fake.
This picture is upside down, but its just more flowers.

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