Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm just over 27 weeks pregnant. That is pretty much the beginning of the third trimester. The third trimester for my third baby. Feels like I've been pregnant forever, but that is how every pregnancy feels. I also know from experience that while the first half seems to take forever, the second half kind of flies by in a whirlwind of your growing belly and before you know it Bam! you've got a new baby.

At this point there is nothing remarkable to document. I consider myself lucky because of this. I have my share of pregnancy symptoms, but they are the milder ones. Heartburn, sometimes. Stretch marks, but those are leftover from Alana. Weight gain, less than ten pounds. I really don't know the exact number cause I don't own a scale and I haven't been to the doctor for a few weeks. I don't get swollen ankles. I don't gain lots of weight. I never throw up and my nausea ends with the first trimester. No hemorrhoids, which I am by far the most thankful for. Its pretty uneventful and that's how I like it.

I am expanding around the middle, definitely looking pregnant. I only wear maternity bottoms, but no maternity tops. I wear tops, they are just my regular clothes. I'm not going topless or anything, although my pants come up to my armpits anyway. My belly button is never an outie, but more of a flat surface. Its strange. I can rest things on my belly when sitting, which is convenient. This little boy is moving around in there all the time. Kicking is better from inside the belly. Its not as cute when they kick you when they're two.

I'm not one of those women that gets impatient with pregnancy. Sure the end isn't really a picnic, but its worth it. I'm in no rush to get the baby out cause I know that will mean far less sleep and I love sleep. I also love that right now I have a few more diaper free months left where everyone can use the toilet. So much easier. And if you want a current belly picture, see my last post. I'm not uploading it again cause I'm tired and lazy.

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