Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nesting Archaeologist

The instinct to nest is insane. I can say that, cause I'm pregnant. What gives you the urge to clean out closets and scrub baseboards? It is a mystery.

I had some serious nesting with Alana, but not till about 39 weeks. Once I was off of work and had one week before my due date my crazy brain said Clean your house! So I cleaned everything, even moved furniture and cleaned baseboards. That was stupid. In hindsight I would've laid on my couch and slept all day every day for that week, because it was my last childless week, I had Alana the following Monday.

With Ava I'm sure I nested, but nothing really stands out. We were kind of broke so we didn't buy tons of stuff beforehand for her, and it was August without air conditioning, so I'm pretty sure I managed to rein in the craziness a little bit.

Right now though, I'm six months pregnant and have had a few crazy nesting and decorating urges. With our taxes I bought some curtains and the girls room got new furniture. Then I bought a ton of picture frames and finally hung up some of my countless photos of my kids. And we got a new kitchen table. Those were kind of normal things though.

Then yesterday I thought cleaning the bathroom sounded like a sane idea. And it would've been, but scrubbing a bathtub pregnant is never in good judgment. It hurts your back. I have now declared it clean enough to go without cleaning until August. Then my crazy eyes spotted the dirty bathroom light fixture. Really dirty. So why not stand on the sink and take it down for cleaning, that's perfectly logical right? We've lived here for seven years and I've never cleaned it, so six months pregnant is definitely the time.

After taking it down a discovery was made. For seven years I've assumed that it took two light bulbs, that the bathroom was supposed to be that dark. Who knew there were two burnt out bulbs in the middle that I couldn't see because of the glass cover. I could've had a brighter bathroom, where I could actually see myself in the mirror to put on makeup correctly, this entire time, but I was living at 50% light. Add 2 100 watt bulbs and I almost need sunglasses.

So nesting is useful, you discover things about your old dark bathroom that you never knew. You just have to stand on your bathroom sink six months pregnant to clean a piece of glass you have never touched in seven years. That's all.

And for good measure, 24 weeks.
A belly makes a good shelf for holding a two year old. Also: bowls of cereal, ice cream, etc, but only when sitting.

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