Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Not a Redneck, I'm an Innovator

Its springtime. Its warm. My girls think that bathing suits are a complete outfit, and they look pretty cute in them so I'm not complaining. With warm weather comes a whole other list of possible activities.

My ladies love to play with water. Water guns or a bowl of water, doesn't matter. I was feeling generous and filled up this blue container with water, and it was intended to be a swimming pool for Barbies. My Barbies swam in a cooler, so this is a step up for these Barbies. They should feel priveleged. But as the course of evolution took us, the Barbies weren't the only ones wearing bathing suits and looking to take a dip. These ladies kept dipping their feet in, which ended up with both of them squeezed in there, water spilling everywhere, and the Barbies thrown out on the ground. I inadvertently made a redneck swimming pool for my children, but like all rednecks, they thought it was fun and expected nothing more out of it. Just a good time with a tub of water, that's all a pool really is anyway.

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Crystal Renee said...

I Love it. I have done the same thing, similar anyways. I am not a redneck either. But they can call me that. I will take it!! Lol. Love being able to make things for the kids to do. Like pots & pans.. heck, sometimes we play in the rain as if it were the pool! Ha.


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