Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Social Butterfly

Alana is quite possibly the most social and friendly person ever to live. She did not get that from me.

She loves playing with other kids, whether they're her cousins she's known all her life or a random little boy she just met in a waiting room. Either way, they're her new best friends.

It takes her less than five minutes at the playground to befriend any random and willing child. It starts with a standard introduction Hi, I'm Alana and I'm four. She points to herself. Then she points to Ava. This is Ava. She's one. Ava grunts in agreement, then holds up one finger as confirmation of her age.

She always makes sure to include her age in her introduction, because we all know that's the most important factor when meeting someone. Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm 29.

Next comes the other child's standard intro, which then includes their age, because it's only polite once Alana has revealed her age. Hi, I'm (insert name here), I'm four. Not that everyone she meets is four, but when they are it's cause for celebration. No way! You're four, I'm four. What are the odds?

Playing commences, with Alana willing to participate in any game this other random child can imagine. Tag? Sounds good. Be as loud as humanly possible? I'm in. Jump in place? I can't think of anything I'd rather do.

I know when the eventual sad day comes next year, and she starts kindergarten, she will be ecstatic. Play dates, all day, everyday. New kids to befriend, and hug against their will. Art, her almost favorite pastime. Recess, everyone's favorite subject in school.

Kindergarten 2012 will make me one sad mommy, left with just Ava home during the day. But it will make Alana the happiest five year old alive.


Amber said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!!
My little boy says "i'm finnie and i'm three" and then holds up three little fingers! That's how he introduces himself! I blame that cartoon, cailou.
I bet him and Alana would be good friends! haha.

Jennifer said...

They probably would! It's funny how kids become friends so instantly, it's just nice to meet you and let's be friends!

Amy and Luke said...

And that's when your head and your heart both agree, it's time for number 3!

Jennifer said...

I think my head is coming around anyways, because I was gushing over a baby on 16 & Pregnant today. That show is supposed to make you not want a baby, not be all Look how small she is!


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