Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zoo Adventures

 Yesterday was Ava's first trip to the zoo, and I have to say I think she was a fan. Sometimes we avoid the zoo because the heat not only makes us tired, it makes the animals tired. We decided to make a trip before the weather was too hot, it was only 90 yesterday. The girls both loved the animals, and I love that they still sell the awesome coloring posters that they sold when I was a kid, and for the same 25 cent price tag!
Ava was a Daddy's girl yesterday. Maybe she thought he would protect her from the animals.
Staring at the awesome, lazy animals.

Quick photo op by this awesome vine covered wall.

Feeding the very friendly giraffes. Ava got a little scared at the end, he was looking for more carrots.

Looking at the lazy lion.

Not pictured: the bearded dragon "hugging" this one from behind. Maybe it was a piggy-back ride.

Cooling off in the water. Ava looked like a wet rat the rest of the day.

That tiger was asleep when we got there, and still asleep when we left.

We'll have to make another trip in the fall, when it's cooler outside again!


Mary Nevin said...

these are gorgeous!!! the girls look oh so cute as always, looks like such a fun day!! :)

Brian and Janette said...

Well, we were thinking along the same lines. Just got back from our family trip to the zoo just minutes ago! Can't wait for the upcoming upgrades...our zoo is in desperate need!

Jennifer said...

It could use a sprucing up! It's pretty much been the same, aside from moving the rhinos to the back, since we were kids. I wish the polar bear would come out every once in a while, he's always too hot!


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