Thursday, April 14, 2011

Procrastination: Friend or Foe?

Ironically enough, I've been putting off this post for a couple of weeks. My best ideas for blogs are when I'm laying in my room at night time, just me and Ava, but I just can't tear myself away from my chubby lady or Sex and the City reruns to write anything.

I try not to postpone important tasks. Try. Really. I vacuum my house, at least the living room every day. Can't rationalize postponing it when I can clearly see chip crumbs on the carpet. I wash the dishes several times a day to avoid having them piling up. Except last weekend. Stupid Sunday and my lack of motivation. I paid for it Monday.
There are some things I can't put off. And shouldn't. Dirty diapers. They aren't going to improve with time. Hungry children. They aren't getting any less hungry. Doing laundry. It starts to overflow onto the floor, which I hate. Doesn't mean I have to fold it right away though. Grocery shopping. Got milk? We do, because I never put off buying it. Removing chipped toenail polish. I cannot stand messed up nail polish. It has to come off immediately. I've already registered for the fall semester. Check that off my to-do list.

The list of things I don't usually procrastinate about is much smaller than things I regularly put off. I never fold laundry until at least 2 days after I wash it. I don't shower everyday. I don't always change out of my pajamas. Sometimes when I do these things its not until at least 3 pm, so its pretty much pointless. But at least I feel clean. I try to do my homework in advance, but if I don't do it way in advance I do it practically when its due. There's no middle ground on this one for me. I had a 2000 word paper due last Saturday that I didn't start till Thursday. Some days I don't decide what to cook for dinner until late afternoon. Its 3:01 and I barely got out some meat to defrost, but not at room temperature! Don't leave meat just sitting out on the counter! I feel very strongly about this! You might as well put out a welcome mat for germs!

I should probably wash the car pretty soon. And get the oil changed. Haven't done either since we went to Disneyland 2 months ago. I need a haircut. Also hasn't happened since before Disneyland. But my fridge is clean, I never put that off!

Some stuff is time sensitive. It must be done. Some stuff is me-sensitive. I can't stand not to do it. But some stuff, who cares? No one is hurt by my not folding the laundry. My kids are okay if we all stay in our pajamas everyday, which isn't everyday, just to clarify.

This stay-at-home mom lazy day laidback lifestyle I have right now isn't forever. Someday my kids will have to go to school, which means we all have to get up before 8 am, although thanks to Ava I'm getting up at 6:30 these days. Not only will school require us to get up early, it will also require us to leave our house. Gasp! We never leave our house. That's what enables my laziness in the personal hygiene/appearance department. Privacy.

Someday I will have to get a job, because why would I want to sit and home when my kids are at school, when I can be earning money? That will also require showering. Well, most jobs. And my future job of choice would be impaired by body odor.

For now I will sit on my butt and blog, instead of doing homework. Because I can.

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