Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Greetings from Disneyland

I'm at Disneyland. I know you're jealous. You can come next time. This how we've been spending our time.
We only waited in line like an hour for this pic.

Alana loves the characters. She always has, even as a baby. Ava, not so much.


NikkiDarlin' said...

Poor Ava!!!! Have fun!

The Crump Family said...

Good luck with your shy one, I know the feeling!

sugarmouse said...

i am so so SUPERFRICKINGLY jealous :(

take me with~!

Ash said...

I am dangerously jealous. Okay maybe not THAT dangerous. But I'm so very jealous. It's okay I'M IN HAWAII (= Drool back. LOL. Anyways, love those pictures. I hope you guys are enjoying your vacation!

You have an award waiting @ my blog. Happy Aloha Friday!


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