Thursday, February 3, 2011

H2O Challenged

Here in sunny AZ its just a little bit cold. We're not draped in a giant blanket of snow like some parts of the country. In fact, if you look out the window it looks like a typical mild February day. Sun is shining. Sky is clear and blue. Trees are moving ever so slightly in the breeze. But if you venture out the door you will be greeted with a bitter cold that will surprise you. Take your breath away. Make you run back inside to grab a warmer jacket.

Yesterday, my normal shopping day, I declared it to be too cold to buy groceries. Instead David ran to the store after work for bread and milk. This morning I covered our drafty old back door with a blanket, because everytime I came within three feet of it I could feel all the freezing cold air that is causing my heater to run constantly. Then something very rare happened, David wore a jacket to work. David, who wears shorts 365 days a year, got a jacket out of the closet before going to work. Not just a sweater. A jacket.

All of these things are fine and normal and tolerable. The one thing that is annoying me beyond anything is beyond my control. The pipes are frozen. The pipes in this house have never frozen in the six+ years since we've lived here. My hair is a disaster, my kids have cheetos on their face, I'd like to brush my teeth and I'm thirsty. Thawing takes time. Luckily I don't have a job or anywhere to be. Not that I was planning on washing my hair today anyway.

****Post edit: I just decided that if I'm forced to do without water for the day then the rumors about a gas outage better not come true. Then I'd have no heat, and if the water does come back on, no hot water. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all utilities remain intact.
Cheeto face #1:

Cheeto, or funyun, face #2:

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NikkiDarlin' said...

The place we live turned the water off a lot during the summer for water pipe repair. It sucks. Hope your pipes thaw soon.


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