Friday, January 28, 2011

Pulling. It. Off.

Style vs comfort. Its a problem for me. My feet are freezing but my grey socks look a little ridiculous. My two options, yes there's only two cause I'm not wearing different shoes, are: wear grey adidas socks with my flats or make my feet nearly freeze to death in January. I'm gonna go with option two. The world can see my grey socks another day. But for the record, I think I could pull off the socks and flats look. Alana does it all the time.

In other awesome news, our federal tax return was deposited today. Yay! But for unknown mysterious reasons the state one has yet to make an appearance in my online statement. It better show up soon. According to AZ Department of Revenue's Where's My Refund? it should be deposited today. Clock is ticking and I'm not the most patient person in the world. Good thing it won't affect my shopping spree tomorrow. Lucky for them.

In perhaps the best news of the day, I just ordered a fancy and beautiful DSLR camera off of Amazon. I love Amazon. It was $50 cheaper than any store price I found, plus there was no tax. No sales tax is a beautiful thing.

My blog is in need of some attention, but I'm very easily distracted these days. I'm doing math homework on my computer all day, just trying to get ahead before vacation, and it sucks all my creativity right out of my brain. I didn't intend for this post to be so mundane, but the more I type the less inspired I become. I should quit while I'm ahead. Like now. Any second now I'm gonna stop typing. Any second now.

Ok. That's probably enough. You get the point. I'm out of ideas. Done for the day. So long. See you later alligator. After awhile crocodile. Ok. Now I'm done.


Amy and Luke said...

hey, what kind of camera did you get? did you do any research or did you just get one that was a good price? in the market...thanks.

NikkiDarlin' said...

I like to socks!!!! Happy for you and your tax refund. We just did last night. I'm so looking forward to it.

V said...

YOu are aboslutely going to love your new camera! I am addicted to mine. & no sales tax is wonderful, I wish there was no such thing.

Jennifer said...

I got a 15mp Canon T1i Digital Rebel. I did tons of research online and drooled over it at Target many times. It was the best one for the money and every review I read said they loved it. If you get one get it on Amazon. Its $650 brand new with free shipping. Only other cheap price was $700 at Walmart plus tax. They also have used ones but I was chicken and sprung for the new.

The Mrs. said...

I ordered myself a steam cleaner today.... I'm that much of a nerd, that i'm excited for a freakin' steam cleaner... I DON'T EVEN LIKE CLEANING!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Don't feel that bad. I've been drooling over a new mop at Walmart for two months, but I'm too cheap to buy it. I fantasize about a mop.


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