Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hang in There

I really need to clean the cobwebs off of this neglected blog of mine. Its neglected, to say the least. I've been slacking. Lacking inspiration. Tied down to the couch by a sick baby who refuses to be put down when she's asleep. I have a giant sinus headache, which feels like something is pounding on the inside of my head, right behind my right cheek bone.

But excuses aside, you all deserve better. I need to be there for my blog, so it doesn't start feeling like I'm taking it for granted. It needs a nice romantic dinner or some flowers to really understand its the number one blog in my life. Blogging shouldn't feel like work, and it never has to me before. Words flow freely from my busy fingertips as I drone on about how cute I think my kids are, they really are, or whatever I happen to be pondering that particular day. During some monotonous posts I simply post pics and captions, but once again the cuteness of my children is my saving grace. Look at Alana's clothes! She's so funny!

My children are a blogging crutch, and I've used them many a time when I lack inspiration. Right now I really just need an idea. Something, anything, needs to inspire me. Everytime I get on the computer I go to my blog, scroll through everyone else's blogs, and ponder what I should write about. Then a little girl inevitably approaches me, asking for some love or cereal, and I abandon my computer. Inspiration is few and fleeting.

Inspiration comes knocking for me when I least expect it. At night, when I drag my tired body to bed and lay there replaying the day, that's when I get the best ideas for my blog. I laugh to myself about my hilarity, make a mental note to blog about it the next day, then forget about it. Those mental notes need to be made on post-its, cause I keep losing them. Then my day flies by without a post and once again I lay down to go to sleep. Switch on the blog idea pop-up blocker, because those things bombard me in my pre-sleep minutes.

I need for my ideas and posts to be my idea. I don't want to do cliche posts, just because they're popular and everyone else is doing them. That's not why I have a blog. I have it to....Why do I have this blog? Is it to record my children's memories, because I'm too busy/lazy/cheap to scrapbook these days? Is it just to ramble on about stories I never tell in person? Is it to post pictures for my family and others to see, so that they may marvel in the cuteness of my children? I guess its a little of all. I need a creative outlet, so here I find myself, sitting at my computer, staring at the screen. When inspiration finds me, you'll be the first to know. Until then, hang in there. Better days are ahead of us.

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NikkiDarlin' said...

I use my phone's notepad to save all my blog ideas when I'm not around the computer. And yes your children are cute!


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