Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You Can Tell a Lot About a Person by the Contents of Their Fridge

I just opened my fridge to find these guys waiting for me. They must have been freezing. Some little lady must've been playing in the fridge again, then gotten distracted by the big jar of pickles in the door and left her friends behind. Its every Disney princess and villain for themself!
Sadly, there are no chocolate chips in my fridge. Not since this last batch of cookies I made last week. That's why I don't keep chocolate chips around, I have zero willpower. Like three batches of cookies in a week and a half.
I must've been slacking off on the housework in my cookie making frenzy, because my little baby cinderella here felt like she had to mop the kitchen. She is a cleaning machine.

Alana decided she was gonna make a cake whether we have chocolate or not. So she made due with the ingredients on hand. The usual stuff. Socks, magnets, jewelry. Can't wait to try some.

1 comment:

NikkiDarlin' said...

Too Cute. Skylee helps me clean all the time.


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