Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Comprehensive Christmas Coverage. In Case You Were Wondering.

Someone set my Christmas to fast forward, because before I knew what was happening it was 2 pm on Christmas Day. Presents were opened, french toast was eaten, Ava was asleep and it was time to go to my dad's house.

My 2010 Christmas highlights were definitely:
Playing Jenga at my dad's house. That is the quietest you will ever find my family
Opening presents Christmas morning with ladies and David
Eating. French toast, bacon, roast beef, apple pie, tamales with no olives, gingerbread rice krispy treats, chicken and dumplings. I could go on. But I'm getting hungry.
Getting cash for Christmas. But then we spent it on clearance wrapping paper the next day.
The look of excitement on Alana's face each time she opened one of the things she's been asking Santa for. She got: Flynn Ryder (the guy from Tangled), Lotso, a Tag Jr. reading set, coloring books, a real camera, tons of babies and baby accessories, jewelry, where would any of us be without the right accessories?, an awesome Tangled wig, which will spend its life tangled up in knots, and tons more.
Ava liked her presents too, but her interest was not captured on camera. She got: a Rapunzel doll, I should own stock in Disney merchandise, Little People nativity set, Did you know Lotso and baby Jesus enjoy playing together?,  some fun books, dress up shoes, a toy piano, a princess rocking horse, and stuff I can't even remember.
Did I mention there were no olives in the tamales? Yay!
All my presents were awesome, but partly cause I picked them all out myself. Who knows me better than me?
David signing random presents with lines from Anchorman. Turd Ferguson and Tits McGee were very generous to us this year.
Alana's Debbie Downer face in our family pic. She's a weirdo.
My ladies falling asleep early. That's a great gift.

Christmas always makes me extra grateful for what I have, especially when I see those trees at the mall covered in tags for little kids who's parents can't afford to buy them presents. I'm grateful for my family and the roof over my head and the food on the table. And for the huge pile of presents under my tree. When you add up all of the stuff that my kids get from Santa and all of our family, they are more than spoiled.

Here's to an even better 2011, but its gonna have to be pretty good to top 2010.


NikkiDarlin' said...

looks like a wonderful Christmas.

The Mrs. said...

I love Alana's faces!!!! She is a character!!!! I love all the pictures... and David's fancy names for the gift tags! I must remember that for next year! hahaha


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