Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I know its only three days till Christmas and this is about the time I should feel like caroling and drinking hot chocolate and such, but I'm just not feelin' it.

Maybe its because the temperature never gets below 65, on a cold day. Or maybe its because my kids are still eating Otter Pops like its July. Some of the blame could be directed at the fact that all of our shopping was done in November, and the gifts have been wrapped almost as long. Then I could probably say that since all I did in December, so far, is homework and taking care of sick kids. Dora could take on some of the blame too, because if I have to watch Dora's Christmas Carol again I swear I'm gonna go crazy. Why is Dora and everyone exempt from the rules of time travel? I've seen Back to the Future too many times to ignore them!

I don't know where exactly to direct the blame. I've never been a Deck the Halls, Jingle Bell Rock kind of girl. While David listens to Christmas music on his iPod all year long, I refuse to listen to it even right now because of the fact that it is annoying. I haven't even gotten to watch my favorite Christmas movie, Elf, so far this year. I've tried, but requests to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy inevitably interrupt. Only Dora's Christmas Carol and various Christmas themed Nick Jr shows for me. Noche Buena to you too Dora. And Feliz Navidad.

I'm grateful that David is gung-ho Christmas, because it forces me to be a little less Scrooge-like. Even if that means putting up the stupid Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. And I'm always grateful for my two ladies, because Christmas is 100 times funner when you have kids. Santa makes sure of that.

I guess I'll make an effort to be jolly. I'll bake some stuff, try to keep from eating it, turn on the Christmas tree lights, maybe burn David's stinky pine-scented candle, try to ignore the warm non-wintery weather, pretend that people don't annoy me, open the 100 toy packages with their twisty ties and wires and tape, and just try to appreciate the Christmas season. But I'm not doing it cause I want to, I'm doing it so my kids don't think I'm a grinch. And I want to eat the cookies we leave out for Santa.


Jet-Setting Divas said...

Baking usually gets a lot of people in the holiday spirit!

Alexa Mae said...

I officially got IN the christmas spirit on sunday. You can dooo it!! Crank up the music...sing them from the top of your lungs. Bake goodies. Give some to your neighbors. And gosh dangit, drink some hot cocoa. ;) Loves to you and your adorable family! Merry Christmas pretty lady.


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