Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Celeb Sighting and Other News

 Look! Its Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon!

Astrid has recently been spotted around our house since her mommy bought some clearance Halloween costumes from Wal-Mart for $1.50.

Astrid enjoys watching Toy Story 3, playing with toys and eating popsicles. She prefers to watch movies two or three times a day till her mommy gets tired of them and buys a new movie.

 In crazy baby news, someone here has learned to get on the couch by herself. She uses the corner of the sectional and makes herself at home. There was one tragic day when her mommy let her fall face first onto the floor, just because she kept running on the couch. Its a cruel world.

Once on the couch she likes to read, relax, and even run around a little, just to squeeze in some cardio.

Naps are now taken on the recliner, because she was hanging out of the swing and looked like a giant. She's so peaceful when she sleeps it almost makes me forget about her brattiness.
 Taking a picture with both kids has proven nearly impossible lately, because Ava must be wrangled into staying still. This usually involves Alana restraining her, which just makes Ava mad. Or she was just having a bad hair day and didn't want to be photographed, I'm not sure which.
 We made some awesome turkey hands. Can you guess which one is David's? While you're guessing, try to figure out who's idea it was to make them. I'll give you a hint, it wasn't me.

Ava thinks she should grow up at a faster pace. She wants to do everything Alana does, even play dress up. And if you ask her a question she will usually agree with you, in the form of nodding, or more recently, raising her hand.
Who wants a cookie? Ava raises her hand.
Who wants to watch cartoons? Ava raises her hand.
Who thinks Daddy stinks? Ava raises her hand. She's quite agreeable these days.

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NikkiDarlin' said...

Your girls are so cute.
OMG if Skylee learn to clam on our couch I would freak out. I'm not ready for that at all.
I was understand the letting them fall off the couch. I believe if you wanna do something I have told you not to a million times then go ahead, you will learn soon that mommy knows best.

Nikki Darlin'


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