Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Not Ready for Some Football

Pre-season football has officially started.

As I type the Cowboys are playing the Bengals and David is on the couch, yelling at the TV and wearing a 10 year old Emmitt Smith jersey. He is hyped. He's been waiting all day for Sunday night. He seriously just yelled Yay for football!

Football isn't something that's taken lightly around our house. David is not a fair weather fan. Not even a little. He never misses a game. He is beyond dedicated. The only room in our house without some type of Cowboys paraphernalia is the bathroom. Stupid compromise. Making me have Cowboys salt & pepper shakers.

When the game comes on you can bet he will be watching and wearing something blue in support of the love of his life, the Dallas Cowboys. Even last night, when Emmitt Smith was inducted into the football hall of fame, he tuned in wearing his jersey that he has owned for longer than he has known me. He might've even cried. But you didn't hear that from me.

David immerses himself during football games. He yells at the TV incessantly. How bout them Cowboys? Son of a b*tch Kitna! We got it back! Pick! Jesus Kitna. Roy Williams sucks! Way to go Jason Garrett, call another draw. Come on Columbo!  Boom! TC baby, TC. Nice! He used to lose his voice after every game, but he has learned to yell a little better the past few years. I'm curious to know what his blood pressure is when the game is close. He is literally on the edge of his seat.

He makes deals with the devil just for that victory. And if God forbid they lose, he is depressed the next 24 hours. His loyalty to the Cowboys is so well known at his work that his co-workers and customers all give him crap about last nights loss. His phone will have 20 unread text messages just from people he knows talking crap about football, win or lose.

Thanksgiving is dedicated to football because the Cowboys play every year. Every year for nine years I've been a football widow during that 3 1/2 hours that he spends in the living room at my dad's house yelling at the TV. If we eat dinner during the game he doesn't get his plate until a commercial. We once jokingly told him that he couldn't eat in the living room and he was going to go back to the TV empty handed. He picks football over food.

Then there's the "we". He considers himself an honorary part of the team. He is included in any statement regarding the Cowboys. We just signed Dez Bryant. We are playing the Saints on Thanksgiving. We need to get a first down right here. We need to cut that guy.

My kids are little fans. From birth they have been dressed in fan apparel. They will like the Cowboys whether they want to or not. Alana repeats everything David yells at the TV. Because of this his language has been significantly cleaned up. Ava just claps along.

Even I'm not immune to the festivities. Through spousal peer pressure I usually end up wearing some type of Cowboys shirt. I'm not happy about it, but I do it. I've attended no less than five professional football games, two of them in Dallas. I can't say they weren't fun or that I didn't want the Cowboys to win. If they lose I have to drive home with a depressed husband and get heckled by fans of the opposing team. Then we hear that Had a bad day song and he gets even more depressed.

Win or lose, you can bet David will always be a Cowboy fan. And the rest of us are just along for the ride.

Texas Stadium - 2005
The obligatory stadium tour. How could he pass up an opportunity to go on the field?

Alana was a Cowboy fan before she even left the hospital.

Alana was less than a week old when she watched her first football game.

Sometimes I'm forced to watch football in public while David yells at the TV.

Alana was ready to cheer on the Cowboys. She looks excited right?
Ava is ready to watch her first football game with us. You can watch football crossed eyed right?

Sometimes I even attend football games with my superfan husband. Just cause its his birthday.


chocoholic said...

He sounds like Mr. Groom. Mr. Groom never misses a football or baseball game. I don't think there has been a day without a recored baseball game (or sometimes a 3am live game) since I've been over in Korea with him. And now that its football season too...oh bother.

JoJo said...

Must be a husband thing. JT's the same way. He even has season tickets to the Giants, so I'm spared the television hogging!

The pictures are adorable!

V said...

LOL you are so beautiful Jennifer! And what an adorable football fan family. lol

Beth and Marley said...

I LOVE FOOTBALL! And I'm so freakin' excited that the season is almost here! The way your husband feels about the Cowboys is the way I feel about the Giants! G-men all the way, baby!

Kerri said...

We're die hard Redskins fans over here but I have to admit that Emmitt's speech made me a little teary too! It was awesome.

Sarah said...

Haha, I so relate! Every Vikings game is already on our calendar including notes of which need to be viewed at a bar.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Oh my goodness, this post cracked me up!! I hope you have a happy hubby after last nights terrible display by Cinci... my team! And we play on Thanksgiving this year too! ...the only reason I am sorta looking forward to it is bc we play New York so I may get to spend the holiday in NYC :)

The Mrs. said...

So, We're Seahawks fans. We're from Seattle... I'd put the Mr.'s love of the Seahawks equal to your husbands love of the cowboys.

Back in 05 the seahawks had an AWESOME year, and subsequently went to the superbowl, but, that wasn't without the play offs. The playoffs where my husband was SOOOOOOOOOOO nervous, he broke out in hives. HIVES. Following that game, he cried. HE CRIED.

He didn't cry 21 months prior when I gave birth to our first child, or 4 months prior when I gave birth to our second. But HIM and HIS TEAM were goin' to the superbowl!!!!

We even owned a Shaun Alexander Fathead (and still have the smaller pieces) on our LIVING ROOM Wall.

When we got married it wasn't just "Welcome to the Marine Corps" it was "Welcome to the NFL" lol...

we used to have NFL Sunday ticket, but since the hubs works on sundays HE can't justify $300. lol I never justified it!!! hahahaha!!!

Jennifer said...

So David says I can't be friends with any of you anymore since you're not Cowboys fans. Just kidding!


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