Friday, July 30, 2010

Thanks for being there Bolt

Dearest Bolt,

You have been there for me for as long as I can remember. I take you with me almost everywhere. You've been to Disneyland a couple of times. And to Wal-Mart. If you're not there then Dug definitely has to fill in. Gotta have a guard dog around at all times.

Then for a while you slept with me every night. My mommy had to search high and low for you at bedtime because I would put you to sleep in the craziest places. Member that time westerday when I put you in the oven of my princess kitchen? It took my mommy forever to find you that time. Good times.

Member that time westerday when I left you in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart and we almost didn't find you? That was a close call! Its a good thing my mommy went back for you or I would've been so sad!

You are irreplaceable. One of a kind. A super dog indeed. You and Dug make an unstoppable team. Two super dogs. Thanks for having my back. I'd be lost without you.

Yours Truly,


P.S. I know you're kind of getting a little dirty and worn out, but I promise I won't let my mommy wash you. Baths are for quitters!

P.P.S.  And I promise to keep you far away from styrofoam, I know if affects your super powers!


sEy said...

What a nice letter Alana had for Bolt.

Laury@TheFitnessDish said...

Awwww...too cute..."westerday"--I love when little kids pronounce "w' in everything...what a cutie. Love the letter

Kathy Kloos said...

I remember when you loved Scroungy and took him everywhere with loved him..still have him if I remember correctly. Oh, and you couldn't say F's

V said...

This is almost too ridiculously cute! "Westerday" lol.


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