Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pickle Me

Yesterday we checked off another movie in our summer of animation. Despicable Me, or "Pickle Me" as Alana calls it.

It was pretty good. Loved the minions! The little girls were pretty cute. And Steve Carell's vaguely European voiced character was grumpy but lovable. Like the Grinch. Or my grandpa.

I'd rank it below Toy Story 3 (nothing will measure up to this one for a long time!), but way better than Shrek 4. Maybe tied with How to Train Your Dragon.

Its not intentional that the only movies I ever see are cartoons. That's just the way it goes. Nothing but wholesome family entertainment for me these days.

I have seen a handful of movies this year that weren't cartoons, but David picked them. That's why I sat through From Paris, With Love and Hot Tub Time Machine. Neither will be nominated for any awards next year, except maybe a Razzie.

Next up on our movie to see list: Tangle (new Disney twist on Rapunzel) and Megamind. Alana is really hyped about Megamind. She tells people all the time Hey, guess what? Megamind! Like they have any idea what she's talking about. So then I have to translate. Are you hyped to see Megamind too?

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