Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Eve

Life in a small town includes some compromises, like the city's refusal to celebrate a holiday on a Sunday. So Happy 3rd of July!

We started our Saturday with a parade. (Or Benson's idea of a parade). Lots of firetrucks and politicians. Throw in some weirdos and a guy dressed up like Jesus, carrying a cross, eating a lollipop, and you have a parade! What better way to celebrate a holiday than dressing up like Jesus and eating a dum-dum?

Weird things in our parade:
Rednecks doing tricks on quads, people dressed up like super heroes, weird Jesus guy and strange jester lady. These are the requirements for a small town parade.

Crazy Sherman cousins. Everyone was on a mission to gets lots of candy and Otter Pops. Then they got bored and wandered off. Or smelled their own armpits. Or picked their noses. Its a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

Me and Ava, pre-parade. It was already hot and Ava wasn't a fan. And her main source of entertainment was repeatedly untieing the string on my shirt. I'd tie it, she'd untie it. Repeat.

My ladies. Ava doesn't love the feel of grass on her feet. Then we attempted a group shot. Five kids and a dog. Four out of five looked in my general direction when instructed to do so. Ava looked at the dog.
 I don't think Ava was a fan of the heat. She just wanted it to be over so she could go home. But she endured through a couple of Otter Pops and managed to make it out of there okay.

Alana doesn't care how hot it is, they are throwing candy so its her obligation to be there. She is happy with one piece. She will pick up one dum-dum or Otter Pop, and while she's eating it won't bother picking up anything else. And she likes to wave, so this parade is fun for her.

Our family shot. Last year at this time I had a big pregnant belly, this year I traded that for a little stinky baby. I still thought it was hot out though, just like last year. You shouldn't be forced to sit outside when you're pregnant! I let Ava chew on her toy cause if we took it away she'd cry, and I like to keep it real. Photograph babies doing what they do, instead of trying to make them smile and look happy to be at a parade at 9 am. That would be unrealistic.
I had the greatest catch of my life during the parade. I grabbed an Otter Pop from mid-air, with my left hand. David swears my eyes were closed. I think it was just luck. Or maternal instinct. When a kid needs an Otter Pop, I will provide it!

The rest of our day was spent at home. Video games were played, not enough naps were taken, annoying UFC was watched, longest game of Skip-Bo in history was played. I won. We ate some subs, potato salad with lots of bacon in it (my secret ingredient), ice cream related dessert, etc.

Then we sat in the front yard and watched the fireworks. I love that I can watch them from home so they're not as loud, and I can go inside at any time.

Ava was bored and unimpressed with them, so she went to sleep. Alana and her cousin had a five minute commentary during the first part of them about which firework was best. I like that one! Oooh! I like that one! No I like that one! I like that one! I like that one! That one is awesome! I like that one! I like that one! I like that one! I like that one!

After an agreement that each one was more awesome than the last, they went on the back porch and proceeded to make a giant mess with a gallon of bubbles. Someone in my house thought a gallon of bubbles sounded like a good idea. It wasn't me.

Then more UFC was watched, a couple of kids passed out, watermelon slushies were consumed, and the only one left standing were the three year olds, who were still playing in the bedroom when all other children had passed out or layed down to watch some cartoons.

Now today, the actual 4th of July, our only plans are: sit on the couch, eat some ribs and corn, watch TV, do as little as possible. And DO NOT go outside!

Happy 3rd (or 4th) of July!


Ally said...

Hey Jennifer!!
I've passed on an award to you, you can find it here;

I love your blog, keep writing!!!


freckleonthenose said...

Haha, nice catch on the Otter Pop! Looks like a great holiday for your fam!

SandrHa OrtHer said...

linda ... thanks for the comment .. and I follow ....
I found your children a beautiful thing ...
greetings ...
Now I invite you to my blog ... I hope you like it ... xox0

Natalie Smith said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Love the pics!

Mz Clean Freak said...

Fun Family Timez....gotta love'em! Beautiful Family pics Mz lady! *smile*

Mary Nevin said...

those parade pictures are amazing!! i laughed so hard, totally looks like something from my hometown. beautiful photos of you and the family!! hope the holiday was as fun as it looks!!

Shelley Ann said...

great pictures of your kiddies! you gotta love those parades too!

Carly Findlay said...

Your kids are gorgeous and you are so pretty. :)
I found you on 20Sb - happy I stopped by.


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