Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will somebody please call CPS for me?

Look my dirty knees! Its obvious nobody pays attention to me. And I'm in the nude, half crying, and all my mommy can do is say how cute I look when I make a "mad" face, and run and get her camera. The nerve of some people! Its appaling really. Cover up my boobies at least before you take a picture! What an outrage!

****Seriously people, I mop and vacuum everyday and her knees still get this dirty. She looks neglected. And you can't even see how dirty the tops of her feet are.


Island Gal said...

LOL She is really cute!!

Kerri said...

I have Camden in just a diaper 99% of the time. I'm convinced my neighbors think the poor kid is neglected. It's just too stinkin hot to dress him!

The Mrs. said...

Its not like she has pudding pop on her face and a full diaper down to her knees!!!

Kids are dirty... even in a sterile environment...

However... I kinda wanna squeeze her!!! Shes adorable!!!

V said...

hahahaha. Kids need to get dirty, thats what being a kid is all about! I laughed out loud at this picture, literally. Love it!


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