Monday, June 7, 2010

What the heck?

This morning I had 91 followers, now I only have 89! Where did these two people go? Why did they stop following me?

I'm kind of offended.

Was it someone who I left a message saying I'd follow them back if they followed me? And then I didn't follow them back so now they're pissed off and thinking I can't keep a promise. If that is the case, I really didn't mean for you to fall through the cracks. I had every intention of following you back, but if you didn't leave me a comment saying you were following me I might not of noticed.

Come back. I can change. I can pull my own weight. Let me know you want me to follow you back and I will. It really was not intentional. Ask all the other people I made the same deal with. I will follow you and I will leave comments.

If this isn't the case and whoever stopped following me just didn't like me anymore, then screw you.

No, I didn't mean that. Come back to me.

By the way, if you're a new follower and you want me to follow you back, leave me a comment and I will. I just need to be reminded cause I can sometimes be a busy lady.

And I do appreciate all the followers I have. Stay put. I won't disappoint you (at least I'll try not to).


Anonymous said...

I stop following people all the time. I follow people right away if they catch my eye, and give them a few weeks to see if they keep my interest. I definitely don't follow people just because they follow me and would hope they wouldn't follow me just because I follow them.

Usually I stop following people because they have WAY different views than me and I take offense to things that write about. Sometimes I quit if they are blatantly offensive or live too different a lifestyle. Sometimes simply if they have gross mispellings or ridiculous grammatical errors [HUGE pet peeve!]

I usually stop following along before I actual "unfollow"... so it may have been someone who wasn't really following. Maybe they stopped blogging and dropped out all together.

Maybe it had nothing to do with you, they just were just lost lambs who will come back... Don't beat yourself up! There are still 89 of us ready to read!

Jennifer said...

I just wish I knew who stopped following me so I could unfollow them back. That would teach em.

Especially if we had a deal. Then they are in breach of contract and I have a moral obligation to unfollow them.

Tara said...

dont be too upset! it happens to the best of us!

Amy and Luke said...

ha...I started following you last week, but you aren't following me;) Now I know my kid is not as fascinating as yours and I don't write as well....just giving you a hard time!

Shelley Ann said...

that happens all the time with me! one day ill get some new followers and then the next ive lost some. i always try to figure out who isnt following anymore. i never do though haha


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