Friday, June 18, 2010

Steak one week, Bologna the next

Because of my lack of a "job", well just a job outside of my home, we live on a tight budget.

This only allows us to eat out at restaurants or go shopping every once in a blue moon. When we do go out to eat or go to the movies, we have to make sure to set aside extra money for it.

This was almost a foreign concept to David and I at first. Before we had kids we went to the movies at least once a week, sometimes twice. We had two incomes, and while they weren't giant, we had some money burning a hole in our pockets after every payday.

Every once in a while a payday will come along where the money isn't already spent on bills or boring stuff of that nature, like electricity. This is cause for celebration at our house.

So this weekend we get to go to Target! Yay for Target. And when we go to Target, we actually get to buy something besides diapers! Is it completely lame of me that I'm already dreaming of the fun stuff I want to buy?

And we get to go to the movies too! Sunday morning you can find us sitting around eating popcorn and watching Toy Story 3. Alana is hyped. She's already asking when we are going so she can make sure to wear her Toy Story Mania Ride Game shirt.

So our semi-annual extra paycheck celebration is about to kickoff and I'm so excited. Hopefully I don't get a case of cheapness when I go to buy some new shorts, then end up spending all my money on clothes and toys for my ladies, cause that's happened before!


The Mrs. said...

To help with the grocery budget... you should look into Angel Food Ministries. According to them.... the signature box is valued at $65 but you only pay $30. I like it because hubby brings home a nice size check, and we can still get it since there are no income qualifications. Like, we're too rich to get the free preschool, but to broke to pay for it ourselves kinda crap... lol... but the food is good... its once a month and you pick it up from a church in your area!! look it up!! I like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Not lame at all! Parents do so much for their children, they deserve a treat every once in awhile!

hermione329 said...

I have done this all throughout college and am instigating forced poverty in which we spend almost all of our extra money on bills, though I let the hubby get his newest gadgets because he will revolt. ;-)


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