Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The pros and cons of the public pool

We just got back from swimming and boy are my ladies tired. They are passed out. Gotta love that. But while we were at the pool, being splashed by obnoxious children I don't know or care to know, I couldn't help but wonder if going there was worth it.

So I must weigh the pros and cons.

Pro: Swimming is tiring, so when we get home both ladies pass out.

Con: Random bratty kids I don't know. They splash, rough house, jump in right next to me and throw stuff.

Pro: Water is cold and refreshing. Feels pretty good when its 100+ degrees outside.

Con: Water in wading pool is boiling hot. So I'm forced into big pool with previously mentioned brats.

Pro: My kids love the water.

Con: It takes forever to get everybody dressed, slathered in sunscreen and into the car. Last year, when it was just me and Alana, it was so quick. Now I have to wrangle Ava into a bathing suit and get her to hold still long enough to put sunscreen on her.

Pro: Ava looks like a fat little stuffed sausage in her bathing suit. So cute. Add her floppy sun hat and she's ready to sun herself on the beach.

Con: Some parents just drop their kids off there for the afternoon, so the lifeguards are just like underpaid babysitters. And they aren't paying attention.

Pro: Super cheap. It costs 25 cents per kid, and a dollar for me. That's $1.50 for a couple of hours killed in my long afternoon. Add that to the $1 ice cream cone I usually end up buying for Alana and I've gotten my money's worth.

Con: Did I mention the bratty kids? Cause they are the main reason for this list. Bratty, bratty kids.

Pro: Compared to lots of the moms who I see at the pool, I look pretty good in a bathing suit. Boost for my self-confidence.

Con: Teenagers. Especially teenage girls. They stand next to the pool, with their bikinis and no stretch marks (I hate them for that). Hehehe, don't splash me! You'll mess up my hair! I don't want to get wet! Can't a girl just stand next to a public pool with her hair done and a full face of make-up and stay completely dry? Silly boys!  ***I may hate to get my hair wet now, but as a teenager I would've been the first to do a cannonball right into that pool. Who goes to a pool and stands next to it in their bathing suit?

Despite my love/hate relationship with our city pool, I will continue to go there at least once a week for the rest of the summer. Who can blame me? Its 100 degrees outside!


The Mrs. said...

OMG! Thats soooo cheap to go there!!!!

I couldn't go to a pool by myself with the girls. All the oldest one likes to do is run around the outside of the pool (like she is trying to get familiar with it) and will maybe stand on the stairs to the pool.... and the youngest one... yeah, last october when my parents were here, the Mr. took the girls to the pool... the youngest one, (just turned 4) pooped in her swim suit... while sitting on the Mr.'s neck... hahahahahha good luck getting him to go swimming with her for a while! LMAO!!!!!

Ebony said...

Wow, a dollar for you to spend an afternoon at the pool? It's like, 7 dollars per adult here. We're getting ripped off, I reckon.

sEy said...

it's pretty affordable and with the temperature I think it's all worth it.

Kendra said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the welcome on 20SB. Your little ladies are ADORABLE!!

Speaking of public pools... The pool in our neighborhood is now responsible for TWO ear infections and one case of eccoli... in the last 2 weeks! Yuck!

we hate you. love, us said...

Your last "pro/con" is hilarious. I miss having a public pool nearby, it was one of my favorite summertime activities. But I don't know if I could put up with the teenagers anymore.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

When I was a teenager I NEVER wore makeup near the water nor did I care if my hair gets wet. What is wrong with teens these days? And why am I old enough to ask that!?

Holley said...

bratty kids and teenagers infest the local pool. it's too bad, though, because it is within walking distance to my house. Makes me sad. Now we just go to friends' apartments.

Connie said...

haha! Oh public pools... definitely have their cons in addition to being fun! One year I noticed a floating POO in it (after we'd been swimming for a while!) Needless to say we got a refund. siiiiick

The Nanny said...

OH GIRL: I feel you. Like seriously. My current nanny family has a pool at their house, so I just take the kiddies out back. Can I just say that that's the best perk of the job in this 100+ degree heat?

But my old nanny family had no pool, so we'd go to the community pool, and OY. LORDY:

a) the skinny, tan, bikini'd teenagers. Hi, I'm trying to wrangle my three nanny kids and not let them drown. YOU CAN STAND AND DO NOTHING ELSEWHERE.
b) the other kids. 'nuff said
c) the whole being-in-public-in-a-bathing-suit thing. 'NUFF. SAID.

Thanks for making me laugh as I read your post. I can COMPLETELY relate :)


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