Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lazy days of summer

Its officially HOT here in Arizona! Its been over 100 degrees the past few days, but at least its a dry heat.

We've been staying inside (like we ever really go outside anyway) and relaxing. That's what I plan on doing all summer. And fall. And winter. Also on the agenda: lots of swimming! We went yesterday and it officially tired Alana out. Something about the combo of hot sun and cold water makes kids tired. Me too.

Alana's other favorite summertime activities include:
Attending birthday parties.

And perfecting her hula-hooping skills!
Ava is enjoying her first summer by:

Organizing the pantry. (Don't judge me for all the Chef Boyardee crap, that's David's and I don't eat it).

Catching up on her summer reading. Which includes standing up to get into the entertainment center.

And organizining her mommy's closet.

Alana is all about the relaxing. But Ava, she is a little more studious. Needs to clean and stuff.

***Post edit- This is how I'm spending a good part of my summer days:

Eating some Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Its delicious and refreshing and minty. Yum.

(This is not my actual ice cream cone).


The Mrs. said...

I love it!!!!! Your girls are gorgeous!

sEy said...

very good Ava!

JoJo said...

such cute pics and I love mint choc chip icecream!

Shelley Ann said...

adorable pictures! i cant believe its that hot there! but im sure the ice cream helped you survived the heat :)

V said...

Good luck with the hot weather, and did I tell you that you look too cute pregnant? I hope I look as fabulous as you do when you are. & & & thanks for my award!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Elizabeth said...

Loving Alana's Jelly shoes! :) Those were the coolest shoes ever!


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