Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fashion tips from Alana - Double Saturday Edition

Welcome to a double edition of fashion tips from Alana.

*Snowman pajama shorts should be considered a neutral, therefore they match with everything.
*Black mary-jane style shoes, whether they're yours or your mommy's, dress up any outfit.
*A Shrek head watch is the perfect accessory to go with wild hair and a Cinderella nightgown.
*Panties are always optional (I put her nightgown between her legs to hide the lack of undies).
*Toy Story Mania Ride Game shirt should be worn immediately after coming out of the laundry. Everyday if possible.

Happy Saturday everybody!


JENNIFER ♥ said...

Ah her shirt made me think of Toy Story 3 & how I want to see it in 3D SO BAD!!

Island Gal said...


Jennifer said...

Go see it - now! It is seriously awesome! I laughed, I cried, you know, that kind of stuff. Totally worth it.

Alexa Mae said...

This is hilarious and so cute! i love it. she is so adorable.

sEy said...

Alana is a fashionista in her own cute

jack!e said...

hahaha well I'm sure glad that my Shrek Head watch is coming back into style.


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