Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dear blogger,

Thanks but no thanks. I tried out the new design features, and I'm sorry to say I hate them all.

You aren't really offering anything new or innovative. There are no fonts that I'm just dying to have. The backgrounds are all kind of annoying. You keep putting my header off to the left, which is so annoying. I want it centered.

And to my number one issue, your margins. Why does everything have to be so squished together? I like a wide format. Without wide margins, the extra large pictures get cut off or look kind of stupid. My existing extra large pictures look out of place, and they overlap on the sidebar.

Its not that I didn't give you a chance, its just that I don't like you. As soon as I saw the option to switch back way down at the bottom of the screen, I took it.

I hope you don't take it too personally, but I hate you.



edk.dolce said...

i have come to the realization that blogger and i have a love/hate relationship. it really depends on what template you use as to how wide everything can be. minima stretch should be edited through And you can go from there. There are so many things that can be done, its just who the heck has the patience to deal with mistakes in html and css?? I always need a tylenol afterwards. I heard wordpress was nice but there are some things that blogger offers that wordpress does not...hmmm i might move in the future... who knows.

Anonymous said...

I love your wide format! I have no idea how to do anything with it, so it's left up to finding a pre-formatted one! I HATE the new blogger also, and I messed up and LOST my old one, which was one of the old templates :(

Brittany said...

Oh, I don't mind the new format, but there was something wrong with uploading pictures that caused me to switch back to my old blogger, while still using my new format - and I only go into blogger in draft to update my settings now. I agree that there's not a lot of room - if i want to upload a video i usually have to play with the margins - but i don't mind too much.

Savannah said...

I was just playing around with the new templates and I liked a few but also hated how you could no longer have your header centered. That was annoying and the reason I didn't change mind.


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