Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Orange Bowl

I'm nearing the end of my part-time referee gig.

No more breaking up pointless fights. No more fruitless efforts to get a couple of three year olds to agree on a movie to watch. One of them always wants to watch Kung Fu Panda. Always.

The major fight between them is one of epic proportions. Battles have been waged. Lines have been drawn. No peace treaty has been reached.

They continue to fight over one important thing. I think they're headed to the Supreme Court over this one.

The orange bowl.

There is no difference between this bowl and the other bowls. Only that it is orange.

Yet every time they get something to eat, they fight over this bowl. Every single time.

I don't see the appeal. What's wrong with the pink bowl? Or the blue? Why orange?

It's one of lifes mysteries I guess.


Stevie said...

I had a favorite bowl and a favorite spoon as a kid, which I always had to use when eating my morning cereal. And since my older brother always got up before I did, I would go put my favorite bowl and favorite spoon second to the top, so he was sure not to use them. I have NO idea why I was so obsessive over those items. Kids are funny that way :-)

Kerri said...

We have those same bowls! Camden doesn't yet have a color preference, however. :)

JENNIFER ♥ said...

Because CLEMSON colors are orange! :)

The Mrs. said...

can you get another orange bowl???

Where do you get those bowls? I like them!

Jennifer said...

re: They are from Walmart - but its a five pack and if I get another orange one then I get another one of all the unwanted ones too!

But I will probably end up buying more anyway!

janjan said...

because orange is cool and it looks delicious...just a wild guess. :)

Kathy Kloos said...

I almost died laughing over this one. I think you have found your calling...writing about the kids

Kathy Kloos said...

Every time I look at your profile you have more followers


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