Monday, May 10, 2010


It's an unspoken agreement in our marriage. It may as well have been in the vows. David gets automatic dibs on any and all leftover breakfast meat.

What happens if we have some leftover bacon? David gets it.

Leftover sausage? David eats it for lunch.

This agreement has always worked fine for us. It still does.

But we have a new breakfast meat problem. The division of sausage patties at mealtime.

I buy sausage patties in packs of eight. Then cook four at a time. I get two. David gets two. Now Alana has decided that she likes them too. Do I cook more? That would throw off the balance and we would have a weird amount left.

So I have had to make another sacrifice in the name of motherhood. One of my sausage patties.

I can't go on like this. Why should David get two if I only get one?

Now I'm going to be forced to cook the whole package just so I can have one more. So then the leftovers will go to David. Then I get two fewer sausage patties next time, because there won't be any left. 

At least Alana looks cute eating them.

And Ava looks cute no matter what she's eating.

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