Friday, April 16, 2010

Observations from today

Kids are really curious. They ask crazy questions like: "How do mommies make milk for babies?" "Do grandpa dogs and cats have boobies?" "How did they get your baby out and did they duct tape the hole closed after?" That last question would be easier to answer if I had c-sections, but I didn't.

Two three year olds can never agree on a movie to watch, especially if they're a boy and a girl. Someone will have to compromise and they won't be happy about it.

Ava is the most independent baby I've ever seen. She prefers to spend most of her time crawling around the house and finding toys to play with.

You know you need to mop your kitchen floor when your baby's white pajamas are light brown from crawling on it. Just call Ava a baby swiffer sweeper. I should attach a handle to her and push her around.

Once you start letting an independent baby feed herself finger foods she will not want you to feed her pureed foods as much. I learned that lesson with Alana and I'm relearning it with Ava.

If you tell a three year old not to squirt something with a squirt gun they will do it anyway. Especially if its a window you just cleaned.

Last but not least, if you let Alana have gum this is what you're gonna have to cut it out of her hair. And she will cry and scream ouch. And with all of the open windows your neighbors will  probably think you're beating your child. They don't know she's a major drama queen.

Exhibit A

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