Sunday, April 18, 2010


I admit it. I'm a lurker. I look at random people's blogs who I don't know and will never meet.

I don't do it with bad intentions. Some of the funniest blogs I've found are people I don't know. They share my same weird sense of humor. Thats rare in the small town I live in. Sometimes people don't know if I'm joking or not so they don't know what to say. I want to tell them to loosen up, don't take everything so seriously. I was actually told at my last job that people didn't know whether I was serious or not so I should try and watch what I say. Alrighty then.

Sometimes when I'm looking at blogger I find myself with four or five windows open. I was looking at someone's blog that I know or that I went to high school with, then I click on one of their friends or relatives and keep clicking on anything that sparks my interest and end up with some random person who lives in Utah that I've never met. Or I'm looking at one of the blogs that my sister follows and I end up looking at everyone in her list, then people in their lists and by six degrees of separation I end up looking at someone's blog that I do actually know. Its a complicated process.

Then David will look at the computer monitor and ask whose blog I'm reading. Then I have to tell him I don't know. Cause I don't. I don't even know how I ended up looking at it.

I don't know if these people mind me looking at their blog, but I figure if they didn't want random people who they may or may not know looking at their blog they would've made it private. I don't mean anything by looking at it, they just have cute kids or funny stories, so I'm intrigued.

Sometimes I wonder if people I don't know are reading my blog. I wonder what they think. I know my sarcasm doesn't translate on paper as well as it does when I'm in person. If they've never met me they don't know how crazy my sense of humor is. They don't know that I'm secretly a Democrat living in a town of Republicans. Shhh.

I really don't mind if people look at my blog. I don't take the time out of my day for one person to read it. There's nothing in it that's so private I wouldn't want anyone to know, or else I wouldn't put it on the internet. Nothing's secret on the internet. Why do you think people's naked pictures always get leaked? Duh. They put them on the internet and somebody found them. There are no naked pictures of me anywhere on the internet so I'm safe.

I don't even mind if people I don't know leave comments. It would be nice to have some comments on here once in a while. People I know don't even leave comments. They are lurkers too. We are all guilty of lurking.

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