Friday, April 23, 2010

Isn't it ironic

Last Friday it was warm and sunny. It had been warm for over two weeks and it was getting hot in our house. I was getting tired of opening all of the windows as soon as I got up in the morning to let in cool air before it got hot.

And I hate sleeping in a hot room. We have a ceiling fan, but it buzzes so loud you can't hear yourself think. And we have a regular fan on a stand, but its aimed at David.

So I lay awake at night sweating. I slept on the couch for a few hours a couple of times because the living room is cooler than the bedroom.

But I was getting tired of doing that. So I called the landlord and asked when they were turning on the cooler. He said he would come over the next day, Saturday.

Saturday morning he came by and said someone else would come by in a little bit to turn on our cooler.

So I stayed home all day waiting, like waiting for the cable man. After awhile we figured he wasn't coming. Then at 6 pm he showed up. He went on the roof, looked at the cooler and said it needed too much work to do it that day. He'd come back at 8 am.

At 9 am the next morning he showed up. He worked on it but it wouldn't come on. He said he would need to replace the motor. Eight hours later he came back and replaced the motor but it still wouldn't work.

It was hot and just opening the windows wasn't doing much for me anymore.

The next day he came back and replaced the switch. It still didn't work. It was still hot.

Tuesday someone else came back and looked at it. They couldn't get it to work and said they'd come back Wednesday.

Wednesday they came back. They still couldn't get it to work.

Thursday they came back again. They figured it out. It worked. Something was plugged in wrong the whole time. They probably didn't even need to replace the motor or the switch. But they did.

Wednesday was cold and windy with a chance of rain. By Thursday morning it was even colder and rainier and crappy outside. Today it is cold and rainy again.

But now my cooler works. And in order for the cooler to work the heater has to be turned off first. So now I have a space heater in my living room to warm it up a few degrees, since it was freezing in there this morning.

I did want it to be cooler in here though didn't I?

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