Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eight months

My little Ava is already eight months old. How did this happen? I just had her yesterday!

She is such a joy to have in our lives and she made our whole family seem more complete.

She is an expert at her inchworm crawling technique, and can get anywhere she wants to go. Her favorite spot to crawl to is the baskets of toys in the corner. She likes to go to her basket of baby toys and pull it over, spilling her toys all over the floor and her face. Then she grabs what she wants and rolls away with it. If there's nothing in the living room she wants then she will crawl into the bedroom to find something.

She can sit for long periods of time, but hasn't quite mastered the transition from sitting to crawling. She can't get from sitting to crawling position and back without just falling over. Whenever I don't want her to move from a spot I just sit her down, cause I know she won't move from that spot without falling over.

She is starting to learn to feed herself finger foods. At dinner I feed her stage 3 baby foods in her highchair and give her pieces of finger foods to feed herself. She likes to chew on tortillas and baby cheetos, then I give her some fruit to gnaw on for her dessert.

She has one tooth, and its razor sharp so you better watch out. She'll bite you if you get too close.

She still sleeps in her swing during the day for all of her naps. She loves it and only complains for about five seconds when I put her down in it before she falls asleep.

When she wakes up from her nap she is a majorly excited wiggleworm when I go to pick her up. She waves her arms and legs all around like a wild woman and smiles at me.

She loves to smile and laugh and has even learned to "sing". She hums the tune to twinkle twinkle all day long. That song must be stuck in her head from hearing Alana sing it all the time. Then she dances to her own song by swaying back and forth, whether she's sitting up or laying on her belly.

She still has the longest eyelashes in the west. I dare you to find longer lashes on any man, woman or child. Its not possible.

She finds Alana to be hilarious. Anything Alana does can make Ava laugh. Even if no one else thinks its funny.

She is pretty and perfect and chubby and we all love her way too much.

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