Monday, March 1, 2010

Tower of terror

Since our Disney trip overlapped one day with my Aunt Beth and cousin Rebecca's trip, David and I were able to go on one adult ride. I let him pick, so we ended up on Tower of Terror. I wasn't too crazy about the idea, but sometimes in marriage you have to make sacrifices.

Since it was the middle of the week the lines were non-existent, so we pretty much just walked right onto the ride. We got in there and sat down and the only restraint on the ride was a lap belt. Those of you not familiar with this ride, its pretty much like an elevator that drops you, then puts you up again, then drops you again, like ten stories. And all they have keeping me in my seat is a lap belt. There were handles next to the seat but David was sort of sitting of one of them, luckily the guy on my right wasn't using the handle between me and him. So I just grabbed that handle and held on for dear life.

As I was sitting down on the right I had a deja vu moment. Like five years ago in Las Vegas Nathan and I went on the roller coaster at NY NY. He hadn't ever really been on a roller coaster and I hadn't been on one that big in a long time. So when we got to the top of the first slope, after tensing my shoulders up so much they hurt the next day, I almost relaxed for one second before the drop. Right before we got to the top, which is pretty high up, we were both like "do you think it's too late to tell them we changed our mind?" and it was. The picture afterward we both had our eyes closed and looked a little scared, but it was actually fun and worth it.

The tower of terror was not fun. How is it fun to feel like you're going to die in an elevator? How is it fun to feel like you're plummeting to your imminent death at the bottom of an elevator shaft? The picture at the end was me burying my head in David's shoulder. So I don't think I'll go on that ride again.

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