Monday, March 22, 2010

Speedy Sunday

How did Sunday go so quickly? I had plans to wash the car, vacuum the car, cut David's hair, play with the ladies, watch some movies. I guess I accomplished some of those things.

We watched two movies yesterday that were each over two hours long. There's a big chunk of my lost time.

Alana took a long nap. Ava coordinated her schedule to nap at the same time.  

I spent an hour in the kitchen making eggrolls for lunch, then cleaning up the mess. I really hate frying things.

We went to the playground at the park. Too many crackheads. I'm not judging, just stating the facts. Also, too many swing hogs. So we ended up going to David's parents house. Ava had her first swing ride. I think she yiked it.

I was attacked by a vampire zombie.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

David read my mind in the car. He knew exactly what I was going to say before I even said it. He knows me too well.

We had a ranch with carrots and chips picnic on the living room floor. Ava inchworm crawled to wherever the ranch was. Then we'd move it. Then she'd inchworm crawl over to it again.

Then I ate my 15th brownie of the day. Just as delicious as the first one.

I did cut David's overgrown hair. I did give both ladies lots of kisses. I did manage to get myself and both ladies dressed in something besides pajamas. I did watch two good movies and managed not to cry. I did show off my gift wrapping skills by wrapping a birthday present in the car on the way to Peter Piper. I did play too many arcade games with Alana.

I did not wash or vacuum the car. I did not fold any of the laundry that I washed. I did not apply makeup before going to return the movies. Stupid Redbox right inside Walmart. Right where everyone coming out of the store walks past you standing in line to return movies.

Whatever. The car and laundry can wait. My ladies will only be small for a little while. Then I can make them wash the car.

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