Monday, March 15, 2010

Seven months!

It doesn't seem possible that Ava is already seven months old, but its true! She is growing at the speed of light and getting chubbier everyday. She is my chubs, my little paco, my pretty Ava Jo. Oh, how I love her.

She has the cutest little fat neck, chubby cheeks, stubby little toes and chubby little baby hands. She has unbelievably long eyelashes, they are amazing. She has the fuzziest black hair, always standing up all over, and her bald spot has almost grown back in. She is a certified professional sitter-upper, number one tummy time baby, and a champion roller-over-er.

She LOVES being on the floor and inchworm crawling over to get into the toys. Alana's toys are her favorite, of course. They are the forbidden fruit of toys, so appealing because they are not hers. She also loves to jump around like a crazy person when she's in her bouncer, madly chewing on the bug toy and reaching up for the bird and frog dangling above her head.

She is officially big enough to eat teething cookies. She sucks on them and slobbers all over, then offers you a bite. Alana must not of told her that sharing is dumb. She eats two meals a day of baby food, and she has yet to find a flavor she doesn't like. She even likes the meat kinds, like chicken and ham, even though they make me want to throw up just looking at them, not to mention the dog food smell they have. She still nurses for most of her food though, bottles and formula aren't looked upon kindly at our house. Neither of my kids have ever taken a bottle, even if it has breastmilk in it, they weren't big fans.

In the blink of an eye she went from being a newborn to being a chubby baby who rolls all over, tries to feed herself whatever she gets her hands on, and gives me some sloppy wet kisses. She is diligently working on her crawling skills, probably cause she missed her self-imposed deadline of seven months.

She is definitely a momma's girl, but she saves plenty of sweet smiles and laughs for her daddy and sister. She isn't as social of a person as Alana is. She is a little weary of some people sometimes (sorry Dad, Jeremy and Melissa!). She did warm up to Jeremy a little bit more earlier today though. She decided maybe he's not so scary. She always cries when Melissa tries to hold her, every time without fail. Its not a hysterical cry, she's just not sure she likes her. Maybe she just doesn't like people with red hair or glasses. Or maybe my dad's Kloos voice scares her, although if volume were an issue she wouldn't let Josh hold her. Its a mystery.

She is a sweet, cuddly, lovable, beautiful, smart, perfect lady. There are not enough adjectives to describe her and her cuteness. Before I know it she will be eight months and I will be writing a blog about that, with everything that she's doing now just being a memory.

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