Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poison combs

When Nathan was young he asked me once "Is there poison in combs to kill the rats in our hair?" I thought it was a justified question. How else do we get rid of the "rats" in our hair?

If there was ever anyone who needed a poison comb, it would be Alana. Her hair is a disaster area. I'd call FEMA, but they probably wouldn't get here till next year.

Her hair is curly-ish and fine. It has a swirl in the back and she has her daddy's hairline. I pity her when she gets to high school and has to manage it on her own.

It's too fine to stay up in a ponytail, plus it has a natural part on the side that prevents it from being combed straight back into any sort of ponytail. And she has lots of short little baby hairs in the front that look like little bangs, but the rest of her hair is too wavy/curly for her to have bangs without the aid of a flat iron.

Only the bottom half of her hair is curly. The top is flat and smooth. Luckily for her its not frizzy.

I don't mind the craziness of her hair. I just wish she'd let me comb it once in a while, without having to wrap my legs around her to pin her down.

Because of the fine texture and the placement of the crazy curls, her hair cannot be left all down. If its down it gets tangled and ends up looking like I never comb it.

She cries and says "ousch" constantly when I brush her hair after she takes a bath, but its a necessary evil. If I didn't do it then it would look even worse in the morning.

I've already cut it three times to keep it fairly short. If it had never been cut it would be really long and even more out of control.

When she goes to school in a few years I'm gonna have my work cut out for me. I'd rather pin her down every morning to brush her hair then have her go to school looking like a hobo. (No offense to hobos).

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