Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Off to the dentist

Today Alana is finally going to the dentist. After an unsuccessful attempt at just sedating her, they decided to just put her under general anesthesia. That's all fine and good, but you have to wait forever for prior authorization to make sure your insurance will pay for it. And they only have an anesthesiologist once a month, so you have to put your name on a waiting list.

We put our name on the list at the beginning of February and Friday they called and said it was finally our turn. The problem with that is they only give you a few days notice for your appt, so David can't go.

She has to go today to get a pre-appt check up. They will take her vitals and everything and thats the end of the visit. All the way to Sierra Vista for that. And I know she will fight them just to fight. She won't even cooperate with them weighing her.

Then on Wednesday she has to go back and get knocked out. They will take her x-rays, clean her teeth and probably give her a root canal to fix the giant cavity in her molars. That stupid cavity is the reason we had to take her there in the first place.

After this I'm going to be the enforcer. I will personally brush her teeth, not just ask David to do it. You can't rely on men to take care of other people's dental hygiene. Don't. Your kids will get cavities and you will have to take them to the dentist.

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