Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No makeovers!

I think I've just about said all I've got to say about our trip to Disneyland. I've still got a couple of stories left that are too funny to be forgotten about. Here is one about Alana:

Given that Alana is the ultimate girly girl (she makes me pretend to put makeup on her and fake flatiron her hair all of the time) I thought she would enjoy going to the Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique. They give "makeovers" to little girls starting at age three. They paint their nails, do their hair, slather them with glitter makeup and give them a sash that officially declares them to be a princess. Depending on the package you purchase you can get a princess dress and shoes and wand to complete the look.

We asked Alana in advance if she thought getting a makeover would be fun. She said yes. So I made her an appt for Wednesday morning when we were at Disneyland and we bought her a Belle dress to go with her makeover.

That morning we went to breakfast at Goofy's kitchen and to Toon Town before Alana's makeover appt. I didn't want her to get her Belle dress really dirty at breakfast so I put her in regular clothes and brought the dress. Since her hair was supposed to be clean for her makeover I just put it in pigtails but didn't put in any hairspray (a decision I would later regret).

We went about our morning as scheduled. We had breakfast with Goofy, then went to Toon Town Early Morning Madness and rode the little roller coaster a couple times and took a picture with Donald. It was almost time for Alana's makeover, so we made our way back to Fantasyland.

Alana was really excited all morning. She kept telling people "Me getting a makeover!" So we got to the place and checked in and she even told the clerk she was getting makeover. We told them she had a Belle dress to change into so they led us through the salon area to the dressing rooms. We walked through the little mini salon with small chairs and rows of little girls with hairdressing capes all in various stages of their makeovers. It was so cute.

When we got to the dressing room and closed the curtain Alana started crying. She said "Me don't want a makeover!" I don't know what happened in between the door and the dressing room, but she had changed her mind. Being that she's the most stubborn child in history, once her mind is made up there's no changing it.

I managed to get her into her dress, so that wasn't a total waste. She's gonna be Belle for Halloween this year whether she likes it or not.

We came out of the dressing room with her clinging to my leg. I don't know why she was so scared, but she wouldn't even look at any of the ladies, much less let them try to convince her to get a makeover. I had to tell them sorry, but no makeovers for us today. They understood, its not like all 3 year olds sit calmly and let strangers put makeup on them.

On the way out of the store I let Alana pick something to buy, so she chose a Princess and the Frog earring and ring set. Very glamorous. They cost nothing compared to what I was going to spend on the makeover.

So Alana spent the rest of the day wearing her Belle dress over her shirt and skirt that I had dressed her in that morning. Her pigtails got a little fuzzy in the back. I knew I should've put hairspray in her hair. She still looked glamorous to me. Pink converse shoes and a princess dress is a look that will never go out of style.

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