Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lucky number 101

I didn't notice at the time, but my last post was my 100th post. I only started this blog in October, partly because Nicole told me to so she would have more "blog friends", or people following her blog too. I didn't realize it would be so fun to write about my life, past and present. I have lots of things to say and since my days are spent in the company of kids, I don't always have anyone to tell my stories to.

I could tell David, but he's at work and half the time when I'm talking I'm pretty sure he's only half listening. I guess we're even, cause when he's talking about sports I'm mostly pretending to listen. I still manage to retain some knowledge about whatever he's talking about, while he asks me questions about stuff I told him half an hour ago. "Did you get milk at the store?" "Do we have cheese?" Didn't I just tell you the answers to those questions? It probably seems like the only questions he asks are food related, they're not. Those are just the first two examples I could think of.

So I don't mean to dedicate my entire 101st blog to ranting about my husband. But I do have plenty to say on every topic under the sun so my blogging days are just beginning. Even if David says some of the stuff I say is lame, corny or just stupid. He says he should get a humanitarian award just for staying with me, just because of the alleged "lameness" of my blog. I'll get right on that.

So here's to my 101st blog, I'm ready to add a couple hundred more to that total (not today of course, but eventually).

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