Friday, March 12, 2010

Inch worm

I'm not quite sure how she's accomplishing it, but Ava is semi-crawling. She can lift her chubby belly off of the floor, but she doesn't last in that position very long. She rolls back and forth, left and right and in a semi-circle when she wants to get to something on the side of her.

But when the object of her desire is directly in front she is faced with a dilemma. She can push herself backwards just fine, but moving forward is another story. I know she can somehow do it, I just haven't actually seen her move that far at once.

Yesterday I put my glass of water at least a foot out of her reach when I was sitting on the floor with her. Then I turned to face the other direction to say something to Alana and when I turned back to look at Ava she could reach my water and was in the process of knocking it over. She wasn't up against the couch, where she can push herself off with her feet, and she can't "officially" crawl, but she somehow move herself forward about a foot to get to my water.

Later that night while I was in the kitchen Ava was on the floor with David. He baits her with stuff, by putting a toy that she wants a few inches out of her reach, and every time she manages to get to it.

She is working hard to develop her crawling skills. Maybe she set a personal goal to crawl before she turns seven months on Sunday. She better get crackin, if thats the case.

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