Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ava's culinary adventures

Ava has recently been trying a few new foods that aren't really "baby" food, but dietary staples nonetheless.

The last time we went to the movies I saved my leftover red vines and left them open for a day or so to let them get stale. Then I ripped one in half and let her have her way with it. She was a fan. She gnawed on it and sucked on her lips that were covered in red vine. By the time she was done with it her face was smeared with red. It looked like she had tried to put on lipstick. I think she'll be a repeat customer.

Then yesterday we went to McDonald's for dinner. I know, big spenders going to such a fancy place for a big Friday night dinner out. Ava was a little tired so I didn't want to take her out of her seat, but I also didn't want her to complain. So I gave her a french fry to chew on. There was nothing about that soggy salty fried potato that she didn't like. If I was unsure whether or not she liked it all I had to do was try to take it away from her. She wasn't a happy camper when I tried to switch her chewed up fry with a new one, but she had gnawed it down to a stub.

Hopefully she won't be in too big of a hurry to stop eating baby foods like her sister. So until then she can just sample table food off of our plates.

***Yes Alana is wearing a bathing suit over her jammies in the picture above. Don't be jealous that you can't pull it off.

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