Sunday, February 14, 2010

One Half

Today Ava is officially one half of a year - she's six months old! That first year always goes by so quick, one minute the doctor is handing you a perfect pint sized little lady, the next that baby is looking up at you smiling as she walks across the room.

Ava's not quite to the walking stage yet but she still finds a way to get where she wants to go. She rolls in every direction and then once she's on her belly she uses her arms to turn herself around to face whatever she wants. She really loves to bounce in her jumper, like REALLY loves it. She eats two meals a day of solid foods, her favorites are apple/blueberry and strawberry yogurt. She finds everything that Alana does to be hilarious and gets excited when Alana even comes near her. She still takes all of her naps in her swing, she prefers to be put down when she's really tired rather than be held, which is completely opposite of her sister. She reaches for everything that catches her eye and if she happens to get ahold of it she puts it in her mouth. She can sit up by herself, but still occasionally tips over to the side so I have to stay nearby to prevent any catastrophes. She is lovable, huggable, kissable and squeezable. I love her more every second and wish she would stop growing up so fast!

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