Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ava has been eating "solid" foods for about one and a half months now and for the most part she likes them. She is more than willing to eat bananas, pears, peaches and carrots. Mix those up with some rice cereal and you've got a meal! She doesn't really seem ecstatic about the green beans, but she reluctantly eats them anyway. Maybe she figures they're an acquired taste. I'm not that crazy about the green beans, between the way they smell and the resulting diaper I'd just as soon not deal with them.

Soon she'll be moving on to stage 2 foods and eventually to things that more closely resemble actual food. I don't think I would eat that pureed goop. I can remember sitting at the table as a child in a battle of wills over eating green beans and can't believe that as an adult I actually like green beans. Alana even wanted to try the baby food. She wasn't impressed. Before I know it Ava will be sitting in the high chair at the table with the rest of us throwing food overboard and refusing to eat her vegetables.


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